Geiger v. Kitzhaber

Practice Area: Discrimination, Constitutional Law, Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights
Outcome: Established the right of gay and lesbian Oregonians to marry, regardless of gender. Overturned Oregon Constitutional limitation, established marriage equality.
Description: Federal legal challenge to Oregon's discriminatory constitution and state laws which excluded gay and lesbian people from equal access to marriage.

AJR v. Silverado Night Club

Practice Area: Discrimination
Outcome: Silverado paid the claimant $5,000 and agreed to change its discriminatory pricing.
Description: Silverado Night Club in Portland enforced a discriminatory entry fee amount based on the doorman's perception of the customer's gender in a way that discriminated against women.

Seth Stambaugh v. Beaverton School District

Practice Area: Discrimination
Outcome: Student teacher reinstated. School pays $105,000
Description: Public school removed student teacher from classroom after student teacher reveals aspects of his marital status that indicates he is gay.

Scott Willingham v. Michael Shinn

Practice Area: Lawsuits / Disputes
Outcome: $40,000 paid to our client
Description: Attorney malpractice case: Our client hired attorney Michael Shinn to sue the Multnomah County Police Department and deputies for intentionally breaking his jaw in two places and then depriving him of pain medication after surgery. Lawyer filed lawsuit, and then went to Hawaii. Lawyer didn't serve the County. Defendant's claim was barred by the statute of limitations.

Meridian Transp. Resources v. Magic Carrier Res.

Practice Area: Trademark Infringement
Outcome: Defendant not req'd to pay attorney fees.
Description: Bus company sought attorney fees against competitor's trademark infringement, even after competitor immediately ceased using plaintiff's mark.

State of Oregon v. Ciancanelli

Practice Area: Constitutional
Outcome: Amicus' interests prevailed
Description: Handled Amicus brief on behalf of club owners' interest in broad reading of Oregon's free speech constitutional protections

Fleming v. Miles

Practice Area: Copyright Infringement
Outcome: Client prevailed, attorney fees awarded to client
Description: Judicial recognition of fair use when client used creative material created by plaintiff to advertise her own abilities

Scott Willingham v. Michael Shinn

Practice Area: Lawsuits / Disputes
Outcome: $40,000 settlement
Description: Plaintiff alleged that his jaw was broken by a Multnomah County deputy. Plaintiff hired Defendant lawyer Michael Shinn to sue the county. Michael Shinn filed the case, then went to Hawaii and allowed the statute of limitations to pass on Plaintiff's claim.